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Required for participation in any XL Sports World Hatfield League, Class, Camp or Pick-Up Event

XL programs beginning on January 1st, 2023 or later will require a membership purchase during registration, which may be completed via customer DaySmart Recreation accounts, over the phone or in person.


In an effort to stabilize the price of programs offered due the rising cost of doing business, XL Memberships act as a price control mechanism in addition to adding benefits and perks to XL Sports World Hatfield Membership holders. We also are moving towards the industry standard in sports, recreation and gyms with regard to membership packages. XL Memberships further enable XL Sports World Hatfield to maintain the level of quality you’ve come to expect of XL leagues, classes, camps and pick-up events. Thankfully XL has been able to keep the membership costs very competitive to our closest competitors. Furthermore, during XL league offerings, XL Memberships act as a further tool to control and police rosters to ensure fair play is taking place at all times.

The greatest benefit of XL Memberships are the perks and discounts offered to XL Membership holders. With a host of perks, benefits and discounts already, customers can expect an ever expanding range of benefits to be introduced as business expands!



  • 10% off birthday party packages

  • 4% off single day individual customer surface rentals (Does not apply to lease agreements or organization rentals)

  • Designated FREE open play event dates for XL members only

  • Discounted registration to XL Friends and Family Leagues or Events

  • Allows XL Sports World Hatfield to more effectively police and check rosters in league offerings

  • Summer 1 & 2 XL leagues and classes discounts

  • Free access, for annual & seasonal membership holders, to XL Toddler Open Playtime events

  • 10% discount to annual memberships for active military, military veterans, law enforcement, first responders and teachers (With official identification)

  • Various XL partner perks as they become available

  • Pricing is kept under better control for XL Sports World Hatfield leagues, classes camps and pick-up events

  • Future benefits will be added as XL expands its offerings

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