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Birthday Parties & Events

XL Sports World can accommodate birthday parties, team parties, family reunions, graduations, corporate retreats or customer appreciation events, school functions, almost any celebration you can dream up!

1 Hour on Turf or Court

30 Minutes in Party Room

1 Party Attendant

3 Cheese Pizzas

3 Soft Drink Pitchers

Standard Party Table Dressing

Set Up & Clean Up

All Pro Party

2 Sports on 1 Surface

Choose Two Sports For An Hour of Nonstop Play.

Soccer, Flag Football, Wiffleball, T-Ball, Ultimate Football, Gaga Ball, Capture the Flag, Kickball, Dodgeball, Basketball, Etc.​   

Ages 7+     20 Guests    $348.00

Nerf Turf Tag

Bullets for All

We fill the turf surface with paintball bunkers, spread out our arsenal of dart blasters, suit up dozens of kids and throw out hundreds of darts. Free For All, Capture the Flag, VIP, & Team Games. It's all the excitement of paintball, but without the welts or mess!
Ages 7+     20 Guests    $378.00

Tots Party

Not Talkin' Tater

A wonderful offering from XL to allow children 4-6 year olds to have a multi-sport party in an engaging and well coached environment. The party will focus on age-appropriate games like, Simon Says, Obstacle Courses, Flag Tag, Duck Duck Goose, Parachute games, etc.​

Ages 4-6     20 Guests    $348.00

Cake/Candle(s), party favors, additional paper goods for adult guests


Call 215-996-1740 to confirm party date and time

Submit the minimum $170.00 deposit over the phone or in person

Prepare for a call from our Party Coordinator to confirm specific party details the week of the party

Cheese Pizzas: $15.00
1-Topping Pizzas: $17.50
Extended Field Time: $75.00 per half hour
 Extra Party Host: $50.00
Extended Party Room Time: $50.00 per half hour
Dual/Multi Surface Usage: $75.00 per additional surface per half hour
Gratuity Not Included
**Secondary XL Party Coordinator required for parties of 22+ participants. This information must be relayed to XL 2 weeks prior to allow for staffing. Extra participants will not be honored if the request is not received by XL in that time frame. Nerf Turf Tag Parties may not exceed 20 guests**

For More Information Email


215-996-1740 /

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