XL Sports World Hatfield's School's Out Day Camps, for the 2021-2022 calendar school year, are designed to be offered for as many of the regional school district's in-service/holidays as XL can accommodate. Throughout the course of the School's Out Day Camps, campers will be kept exceptionally active in our sports, recreation and activities centered camp. Children requiring virtual learning throughout the day will be given a quiet room with high speed wifi to stay on top of their education requirements. While children are actively at play in our Day Camps, a rotational curriculum of fun sports and recreational games like soccer, kickball, dodgeball, flag football, wiffleball, gaga ball, basketball, volleyball, capture the flag, relay races and more will take place in small group team settings. All XL Sports World Hatfield Managers & Staff are American Red Cross CPR & First Aid Certified as well as fully criminal and child abuse background checked.

Children needing lunch options may opt to pay $6.00 per camper per day to have XL prepare their lunch, campers are also free to pack their lunches at no additional charge. Purchased lunches will include options such as chicken tenders and hot dogs, a side item and a drink of juice or water.

Full Day Camp - 8:00 am until 6 pm $55 per day 

Ages: 6-12

Dates: November 2021-May 2022



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