Developmental Soccer​ is our in house program that helps players of all skill levels improve their overall game by gearing our practices to hit all the key areas of soccer during the 8 weeks of practices. Working on all the following: Dribbling, Passing, Control, Footwork, Attacking v Defending, shooting and more!

8 practices and 8 games

Practices & Games: $145

Games only option: $120

Practice Days & Times:

  • 7 & 8: Monday 6 pm

  • 9 - 11: Monday 7 pm

  • 12 - 14: Tuesday 6 PM

All games will be held on Sunday afternoons starting at 11:00 AM-3:00 PM

Season dates: July 26th, 2021-September 21st, 2021

**Bye Week Dates: September 5th, 6th & September 7th, 2021**

Our classes are prepared and coached by licensed coaches

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XL Goalkeeper training is for goalkeepers of any level, this will help to improve their overall game and confidence. Week by week the practice will build on each of the areas of goalkeeping to help create a better overall goalkeeper. Players will also have the chance to ask for help on whatever areas they might be struggling with or want to improve on the most, this will help to create an environment were all goalkeepers involved can learn from each other and the coach.


Areas of training will be the following: Footwork, handling, reactions, reflexes, kicking, communication, and more!

8 training sessions

Cost: $125.00

Fridays starting, July 23rd, 2021-September 10th, 2021

7:00 PM Class

Ages: 7 - 14

Our classes are prepared and coached by licensed coaches


XL Soccer IQ Sessions is a new offering with us at XL Sports World for players that are playing club level or higher.

This is to help improve all aspects of their game. Training sessions will be created, focused, and adjusted for the players involved and what they want to improve upon. The focus will be on footwork, skills, movement, and technique. This will be to help the players involved take that next step in their overall game, performance, and abilities. 


Areas of training will be the following: Footwork, turns, skills, finishing, technique, movement, attacking, defending, etc.

8 training sessions

Cost: $125.00

Starting Fridays, July 23rd, 2021-September 10th, 2021

6:00 PM class

Ages: 7 - 14

Our classes are prepared and coached by licensed coaches

XL 3v3 Tournament

XL 3v3 Youth Soccer Tournament series are an absolutely fantastic way for your teams or individual players looking for a team, to play for a chance to qualify for their region and move on to the XL 3v3 Finals in Orlando, Florida! This is a club neutral environment, XL accepts both teams and individuals!

Venue: XL Sports World Hatfield: 2278 North Penn Road, Hatfield, PA 19440

Day/Dates: Saturday & Sunday, July 17th & 18th, 2021

Teams: $365.00 per team

Individual Free Agent Players: $90.00 per player


Teams and individuals registered by birth year

Boys and Girls Divisions (Girls can play in Boys brackets, no Boys in Girls brackets)

U8-U14 Jr Bracket

U15-U18 High School Bracket


For more information please contact us at 215-996-1740 or